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Driving Through The Night 
2022 - 2023


Originating from the scenes of my familiar places, Driving Through The Night is my recent series of works that forms a journey without a definite beginning or an end. 


Driving Through The Night is weaved by two threads — paintings of Daytime and Nighttime. All the pieces are within squared canvases as if they are mosaics and fragments of reality. I apply thick textures in the underpainting and then build layers with thin oil paint. Light is prominent throughout the paintings and mostly in high-key colors like cadmium red, yellow, violet, and white with phthalo green. Some of the lights hit viewers' eyes first directly, while the others flow back and forth and dissolve in the eyes gradually along with the surrounding darkness. 


My works take inspiration from the non-linear perception of time and the disruption of reality in Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortázar’s short stories. The way Gerhard Richter smears paints in his earlier works also inspires my paint application. 


Driving Through The Night invites viewers to get on the ride to experience an ambiguous journey filled with illusions, fiction, and a glimpse of tenderness.



Driving Through The Night, Interactive Painting Installation, oils on wood blocks embeds with magnets, metal sheet mounted on wood panel, 48x48x3 inches, 2022

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